Night Flyer Tip Up Flag


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These are Glow in the Dark and have a very bright reflective strip on both sides of the flag that sticks out at night like a soar thumb. They strap around your existing flag with Velcro. No more wondering if your flag is up or not! There is a colored strip on both sides as well for daytime fishing. Available in three colors black, chartreuse, and orange. Glow in the Dark lasts around 25 to 30 minutes after each charge. When the glow runs out recharge with a UV flashlight or headlamp or simply shine your headlamp toward your flags and the reflective strips shine like a beacon. When the Reflector is horizontal the flag is down, and when vertical the flag is up. If you have ever had someone run your flags over at night this will help Snowmobilers and others see them well in advance.

Works with tip-ups that have cloth or soft plastic flags. Simply roll up your tip-up flag tight to the shaft, wrap the Night Flyer around your flag, and press the velcro together.

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Black, Chartreuse, Orange


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