Violent Strike #8


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The #8 is a spinnerbait that has been around for a long time but was never available on line or in any stores. This lure has put many big pike bass and muskies in the net all around the United States and Canada. The #8 is perfect for fishing in the shallows while burning it over the weed beds or slow rolling it off the edge in deep water. The #8 is a hand poured 5/8 ounce head on an .051 hand bent stainless steal frame sporting a #8 Colorado blade with a round rubber skirt and has a 7/0 main hook along with a 7/0 stinger hook tipped with a 6” Mogombo Grub tail.

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Black/Nickle, Black/Orange, Chartreuse/Gold, Green/Chartreuse, White


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